What’s not included in this price? Any replacement part ordered specifically for your restoration. For example, if you have a cracked or missing dial scale. Or if we find a weak or shorted tube. Also, cabinet restoration is available! There are many miscellaneous parts that can be added to your restoration if you so desire, including both USB charger and Bluetooth upgrades!

Send us an email with a picture or link of your radio, include the make and model number and let us know a little bit about what you’d like to have done.

We look forward to hearing from you! 


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One-of-a-kind I-pod Docking stations

Do you have your own antique table radio that you would like restored

and fitted with a iPod / MP3 connection?  You’re in luck! 3rian has just made there restoration and modification services available to the entire online community!

Starting at just $195 your old radio will get the works! Not only will it be restored to an every-day working-condition, but we will replace all the capacitors, test and replace all out of range resisters, test tubes, install a safety transformer and iPod/mp3 line-in connection and selector switch. Also included in this price is a fine polishing and return shipping.

Restoration &

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compatible with all ipods & iphones

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  1. Radio

Down For
MP3 Line-IN
USB Charger


USB Charger



  1. *Return shipping included on inland domestic orders, international orders will receive a reduced shipping rate.

  2. *Note: foreign radio’s, console radios, record players, and units predating 1935, additional charges may apply.

*USB Charger & Bluetooth extra

Installed on back of radio

Starting at
*Shipping included