Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police

Speed Gibson of the International Secret Police has broadly drawn characters without much nuance, navigate the predictable plot with the occasional unforeseen twist.
The acting is quite good. Speed is always enthusiastic and Barney is overflowing with bad jokes and exclaiming “sufferin’ whangdoodles!” Clint is played by Howard McNear, who went on to be Doc in (the superior radio version of) Gunsmoke, and Floyd the Barber on Andy Griffith.
If you are amused by the first episode, and the threat posed to the world by the villainous Octopus intrigues you, you’ll enjoy this series!

This holds up surprisingly well given the high-tech world we live in today. This is a good series to have on your iPod for those long car trips or train rides or any other time/place where the 15 minute format would help time pass faster.




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